Cumisha Jones

First Impressions

The first word that comes to mind when I see Cumisha Jones is exotic. I can’t place her ethnic origins, but that’s part of the fun. She has lovely dark skin, all natural C cups and a tight body all around. Her best feature may be her long flowing hair. Depending on how she styles it she can look super sexy or super cute. There are a few images on the tour that surprised me. The one with her licking another chick’s asshole is pretty hot, as is the one where she’s licking the tip of a dick. Cumisha may be far naughtier than she appears at first glance.

Hot Promises

As a member you’ll get access to a full compliment of pictures and videos starring the exotic beauty. Cumisha has a huge collection of sex toys and she loves to use them while the camera is on her. She also has a number of girlfriends that enjoy a little sexual action with other girls, which is always a plus. You’ll also note that there are a few images of Cumisha giving head on the tour and there are promises of that graduating to hardcore fucking once you’re a full blown member. That’s something to look forward to.


The design of the member’s area is slick and easy to use. The picture galleries are the first thing you’ll see and they’re ready for you to start browsing as soon as you log in. Cumisha lists four galleries per page and has 75 in total. It’s a little annoying to have to click through 19 pages of galleries when it easily could have been condensed, but that’s a minor quibble. For each gallery there are five preview pictures and a short description. Combined, those two things made it easy to choose a set that will thrill you.

The average gallery has 80-150 images and they’re very well organized. They list 16 thumbnails per page and the size is perfect. They load quickly but they’re large enough that you’ll know what you’re getting when you go full sized. Speaking of which, the large images would qualify as high resolution (one measurement is at least 1024). They’re crystal clear as well; clearly they use skilled, professional photographers to capture Cumisha’s beautiful body.

Cumisha is young, but she tends to play up her exotic sexiness in the image galleries. A solo girl site is largely about what the model is wearing in any given photo set and Cumisha makes sure to vary her outfits to keep things interesting. Sometimes she goes for an over the top sexy look and other times she’ll throw on a cute t-shirt and jeans and work the casual babe look. Both work very well, and in the end she’s naked no matter what she was wearing when the shoot began. Cumisha gets fully naked in almost every gallery. She even goes so far as to spread her sweet pussy for the audience, no doubt causing a stir.

Cumisha loves to play with herself on camera and sometimes she gets so turned on while posing that she masturbates. That ends up being captured as well and there’s nothing hotter than a girl genuinely pleasuring herself. One thing I didn’t find in the image galleries was the hardcore or lesbian content hinted at on the tour. I was genuinely disappointed at this omission, largely because there were quite a few pictures on the tour suggesting such content and they wrote that she has girlfriends she likes to hook up with.

When you’re finished with the picture galleries you can turn to the videos, although there are only six of them so it won’t take long to see them all. The videos range in length from 10-30 minutes, but what’s really important is that Cumisha sucks and fucks in these clips. Finally the long lost hardcore content emerges in three quality scenes. In two of the scenes Cumisha sucks off her boyfriend, working his dick with her obviously talented mouth. In the third he bends her over a table and fucks her doggy style. After browsing through the softcore picture galleries it was a lovely change to see Cumisha’s slutty side emerge.

The only problem with the videos is that they’re streaming only. They offer three resolutions and each scene has been broken into smaller parts to make your viewing experience more pleasant, but no matter what they do it doesn’t compare to allowing you to download the clips. Considering she only produced six of them you’d think they could afford the bandwidth. Still, the highest of the three resolutions looks good full screen so you can satisfy your need for quality with that.

I think you’ll find the bonus content at CumishaJones as compelling as anything the star herself does. The bonus begins with the aptly named Massive Photo Archive. There are well over a million pictures to browse through, so it’s a good thing they’ve categorized them. There are 40+ categories including hardcore, teens, blowjobs, cheerleaders, centerfolds, lingerie and BBW. You’ve got fetish content and general interest images so everyone is covered.

The seven other solo babe sites are the second tier of bonus content. All the girls offer something a little different. Stracy Stone is an all natural beauty with lovely C cup breasts and a strong sense of her own sexuality. Kelsey XXX has D cup implants that look amazing and fit perfectly with her shapely body. Mandy is a stunningly beautiful girl and she’s produced more than 100 high quality picture galleries. There’s more than enough bonus content to warrant a membership.

Croco’s Opinion

Cumisha Jones is an elegant, exotic young model with a high quality site. She’s shot more than 75 photo galleries and although she only has six videos they’re supremely sexy with hardcore cocksucking and fucking. They hinted at lesbian content on the tour, but I wasn’t able to find any so you can assume it doesn’t exist. Despite that I would still recommend the site if you find Cumisha attractive. You should also take note of the seven solo babe bonus sites available to you as they provide significant added value.


The design is slick and navigating through the content is not an issue. They should have listed more photo galleries per page to save you some time, but it’s an otherwise flawless setup.

Pricing Policy

A 3 day trial will cost $4.99. A one month membership costs $24.95.

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